Everything you need to know about Kinfolk Pantry's eco friendly + bespoke treasures - The Playful Collective

Everything you need to know about Kinfolk Pantry's eco friendly + bespoke treasures

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When I first created The Playful Collective I knew I wanted to offer as many sustainable, eco-friendly, and Australian made brands as I possibly could. Kinfolk Pantry was a stand out from the beginning, and I am oh so excited to have their beautiful products on offer in our range!

Based in the beautiful Wollondilly Shire, Kinfolk Pantry are a husband and wife team who are passionate about immersing their children and nature in nature-inspired activities. They are for bringing families together, supporting a sustainable way of life and bringing you joy in knowing where your goods were made.


The first to come was their ever popular Eco Cutters ™, and they were delighted in the gatherings families in our community shared as they huddled over the kitchen bench. This is why they create, to bring moments of meaning to families through interactive experiences.

They are for sticky fingers, bare feet and giggling echos. Their arts and craft toys and tools bring magical moments that drown out the temptation for screen time, devices and anything with an ‘on’ button.

They make what they know their own children will play and run away with. They only create what will captivate and inspire chatter. Everything offered by Kinfolk Pantry has been lovingly designed by their family and of course, intensively tested by their own kinfolk of little hands.

They did not want playful learning and imaginative-rich play to be tainted anymore with a slip of a toxin here, and a slip of an environmental footprint there. They taught their brood of the trees, the moon and the sea—how we can all do our best to make them as wonderful tomorrow as they are today. But then, they realised their home was slowly filling with creations that did just the opposite.

Fun was reimagined. And Kinfolk & Co Manufacturing was born. Now, their family-owned small business playfully makes early learning and play resources that are:

Ethically-made out of recycled and plant-based materials.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic.
Packaged using only compostable and recycled materials.
Australian made and small-batch produced.

We welcome you to share Kinfolk Pantry's passion for sustainability and bespoke treasures that enwrap families in a world of play, discovery and adventure. Shop the range now, and keep your eyes peeled for more coming soon!


Click here to view Kinfolk Pantry's free Tips & Tricks eBook and here for access to free play dough and colouring in mat printables!

Source: Kinfolk Manufacturing