3-Month Lay-by at The Playful Collective

We are proud to offer many different payment options at The Playful Collective including PayPal, credit card, Afterpay, Apple Pay and Google Pay... and now, our very own 3-month Lay-by program!

We know that purchasing gifts for Christmas, Birthdays and other Milestones and Celebrations can be a daunting experience, especially in the current economic climate, and we hope that our 3-month Lay-by option can help ease the financial burden by enabling you to make payments as it suits you, over an extended period of time.


How does our Lay-by system benefit you?

When you place an order of $250.00 or more, you will be able to activate our Lay-by program and pay a deposit of 20% at the time of purchase to secure your order. This then gives you three whole months to pay off the balance of your order, in however many payments you prefer, via bank deposit. Once your balance is paid off in full, we will ship your order - easy peasy, lemon squeezy! 


How do I place a Lay-by with The Playful Collective?

Creating a lay-by with us is easy! Here is a breakdown of how:

1. When checking out, select 'Lay-by / NDIS / Bank Deposit' as your payment method. Lay-by should only be selected if your order totals $250.00 or more, otherwise payment will be required in full within two business days.

2. You will then receive an email which will include your invoice and instructions for making the initial 20% deposit. The Lay-by instructions will include our bank account details, Lay-by Terms & Conditions and will request you to pay the deposit of 20% of your total Lay-by amount within two business days to secure your order. If this is not paid, the items in your order will be returned to stock.

3. You will then have three months from the date of your order to pay the remaining 80% balance of the Lay-by! You can log in at anytime and view the balance, plus you can make whatever payments you like (big, small, regular or irregular). We simply require the final payment to be made within three months of the initial Lay-by set up.

4. Once you have paid your final instalment, please let us know by emailing us with your order number at hello@theplayfulcollective.com.au.

5. We will reconcile your payments, and once confirmed that your Lay-by has been paid in full, will ship your order to you. Hooray!


Lay-by Terms & Conditions (aka the Boring but Important Stuff)

The 20% Lay-by deposit must be paid within two business days of the Lay-by set-up date. If it is not paid within the two business days, your Lay-by agreement will be cancelled and all goods in your order returned to stock. We will then send you an email to confirm that your order has been cancelled. It is your responsibility to pay within the required time frame and no reminder emails will be sent.

The 80% remaining balance of your Lay-by must be paid before the Lay-by due date, which is exactly 3 months from the Lay-by set up date. If not paid in full by this date, The Playful Collective will cancel your Lay-by, refund any deposit and instalments made less the Lay-by Termination Fee (as set out below). All goods will be forfeited and returned back into our inventory, and an email will be sent outlining the cancellation of your Lay-by. The Playful Collective is unable to send you reminders of your Lay-by due date, nor after your Lay-by due date has passed. It is your responsibility to ensure your Lay-By is paid in full before the lay-by due date.

The Lay-by Termination Fee is 20% of the total Lay-by amount.

If you are needing to cancel your Lay-by before it is paid in full, we will refund any deposits or instalments already paid by you, less the Lay-by Termination Fee of 20%, as described above. The Playful Collective does not accept returns or exchanges due to change of mind under any circumstances, including for any items purchased via our Lay-by Program. 

Any and all prices of the items included in your Lay-By are final and cannot be changed. No further discounts or adjustments can or will be made to their price, regardless of any future sales or discounts on offer. The Playful Collective is unable to make any changes to an existing Lay-by including adding, removing or changing items in a Lay-by.

The Lay-by must be paid in full before it is shipped, and cannot be shipped in part, even if instalments paid are enough to cover the cost of some of the items included in your Lay-by.

The Playful Collective's Lay-by Terms and Conditions are in accordance with ACCC Guidance and Australian Consumer Law. Please see:



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